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July 1, 2019

It took me awhile but after I surrendered to the sweet relief of caring what others think of me, I let go of my all too human instinct of judging others. This truth allowed me to fully accept myself and everyone else. These discoveries also led me to Limitless SUP Yoga  and the realization my journey begins HERE and NOW. 

You see, I recently returned  to what I consider my home  in Austin, T...

May 13, 2016

 It was just one of those life changing days when you wake up and you sense the two directions this day could travel. The one you hope for & the one that happens. Sometimes the one we hope for doesn't happen and we are immediately saddened by this, filled with an emotion we wish wasn't there. It's just like walking into a space expecting something and it's nowhere to be found. A let down. A sort o...

November 16, 2015

I went through a traumatizing experience that not many can understand and won't be able to, yet, and that's ok. I'm writing a book to explain my life if you've been following it long enough. I feel judgement & assumption are placed on me and by all means, that is your choice in life and your perception on me. But one thing I will do is fight for the truth to be told for my Children's sake. My cubs...

This was definitely the highlight of my year and it happened to fall on my birthday. 173 people coming out at sunrise for the first ever SUP ATX Yoga class and it was legendary to say the least. I have been coming to the Texas Rowing Center located in the heart of downtown Austin, TX for the past year and half bringing my practice out on the water at sunrise. To be joined by 173 other's was a drea...

May 2, 2014




Be mindful. Mindful of your daily thoughts. If you consistently repeat thoughts that are negative towards yourself, you will continue to feel negative about yourself. For instance, saying " I'm unhealthy & I always get sick." Well, believe it or not but you are telling your mind you are unhealthy and you always get sick so you in your mind you are unhealthy and that is why you always get...

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