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Love love love Limitless SUP Yoga's on-the-water classes! These instructors make you feel confident, capable and at ease with your yoga practice."

Melanie Bartlett Norrell, Georgetown TX

 Was super excited that they offer SUP classes here in my city. Thank you Limitless SUP Yoga it was so much fun and relaxing. We had a beautiful view this morning so serene. I will be back for sure!"

Astrid Sanchez San Antonio,TX  

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Urdhva Dhanurasana or better known as Full Wheel pose is a strategic pose on the board. You'll want to make sure your feet are hip distance apart and your feet are firmly planted flat. Bridge pose is the beginner level into the balance-but make sure you are bringing your chest to your chin as you raise your hips. 

Planting your hands directly underneath your shoulders, coming to the crown of your head to re stabilize your balance. Then when you are ready, lift those hips and come up!

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