Our Devoted Guides

Courtney Parnell
Founder & Owner of Limitless SUP Yoga

Creator of Limitless Yogi Soul

Lioness to little Cubs

My passion consumed me to a point of madness where the light and darkness that arose from it's path transformed my perception and introduced me to a world of possibilities. It is my dharma, my purpose to share this discovery with all of you. To guide you down a path where I have removed the thorns of doubt and instilled the power of belief and magic within ourselves. My oldest student of 64 years old looked at me and said, "You make me feel alive again" and in that moment I realized- that is exactly what I am here to do. You are limitless with the power of your own thoughts, your abilities to create and live an adventurous life even if that small step is exploring your own body on a floating sanctuary into Mother Nature bliss! You are the creator of your story and all I ask is that you make space to become apart of ours and see what we desire to share with you.
Take a Limitless adventure at any or all of our locations, see which scenery speaks to you or become a guide and apart of a team where we strive in our community as one. If you don't feel like our lifestyle moved you or opened your mind to something new, well then your time spent with us is on me.

Coming from yours truly, all my love & Light

~See you beautiful souls out on the water

Limitless SUP Yoga Team

Grace Snively

Assistant Manager/Limitless SUP Yoga Instructor

My name is Grace and I believe the greatest teacher we have in this life, is life itself. When I am not teaching little kiddos, I am either on the water paddling or eager to teach SUP Yoga. 



My passions include traveling, writing, yoga, and meeting as many people as humanly possible. Sailing around the world five years ago enabled me to make discoveries within and outside myself; it changed more than my perspective on life— it changed how I would move forward with it. Living in Prague this past year helped me to become aware of qualities and traits I possess that I never knew existed, not to mention just how much I am truly capable of. Writing provides the opportunity to express myself and share my experiences while gaining new understandings of life and all it has to offer. Yoga equips me with the stability and serenity I need to slow down and be the best possible version of myself. And people? People are what keep me going. I want nothing more than to help others grow while growing myself. 


I began practicing yoga almost four years ago and met the beautifully spirited Courtney Parnell. Little did we know a simple post-yoga glass of wine would turn into a highly valued friendship and business partnership. Yoga has brought unimaginable people and possibilities into my life. My appreciation and gratitude for being a part of a team practicing an art which brings nothing but love, light, and positivity is never-ending. As of this (4th) on season, I am proud to announce I am now a certified SUP Yoga instructor and will be making my debut as a teacher for what is one of the biggest lights in my life- Limitless Sup Yoga. It’s all happening! Let us be limitless together. 

Veronika Hanson

Certified Limitless SUP Yoga Instructor; San Antonio, TX

I truly believe our bodies are designed to write beautiful poetry telling the story of our greatest adventure - Life! My passions include acting, dancing, yoga and most importantly learning something new every day. 

I was a introduced to yoga 4 years ago. But when I discovered SUP Yoga two years ago in Courtney Parnell's class I fell completely and utterly in love with yoga. I would make a weekly drive from San Antonio to Austin just so I could experience the magical power of SUP Yoga. With that I was able to find my inner peace, balance and serenity, and in those moments I felt my body, my mind and my spirit connected - I was whole. I carried this feeling into my daily life and my other fitness activities and could see the powerful and healing impact yoga had on my life. With yoga I learned to appreciate every breath we take and see the beauty in me and others. 

I'm so happy and grateful to be able to connect with and show other people the limitless possibilities within ourselves and our bodies, and to help other people experience this adventure.

Jenn Williams

Certified WPA & SUP Yoga Instructor; Austin, TX

I am passionate about connecting with others, building trust, helping others feel comfortable and at ease and showing them their infinite value and potential. I have studied and practiced yoga around the world for the last 18 years and I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with anyone who would like to learn and grow in their own practice. I teach Hatha Flow, Mindful Relaxation and Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga classes. My classes focus on building strength, endurance, balance and increased mobility through breath work and mindful movement, while increasing present moment awareness and relaxation in body and mind. 

Practicing yoga has changed my life. It gives me a way to center, balance, strengthen, be present and release, both physically and mentally. My practice and focus has changed and grown over the years, just as I continue to change and grow. I love to see the two move forward, side by side. I’ve found a connection and peace with my practice, a way to manage my stress and anxiety, to grow and strengthen, to balance and increase my awareness (both body and mind) every day. To be more kind and compassionate to myself, and in turn to others. And while all of this holds true in my own practice, I am passionate about sharing this with others. So that they can begin their own journey, and see how yoga will can help them grow, as well.

Ariel Cooper

Certified Limitless SUP Yoga Instructor-San Antonio, TX

One of my favorite quotes is by the 13th-century Persian poet Rumi. "The wound is the place where the light enters you." That is exactly what yoga has always been for me. A light that heals me— mind, body, and soul.

I have been doing yoga since I was in high school but did not truly feel my connection to yoga until college. It was a time of trial and tribulation, and it was not until then did I really allow yoga to enter my heart. 

This practice reminds me to take time to be present and fully enjoy the moment I am in and recognize the beauty that life has to offer. 

Combine that with the tranquility of my favorite element and we can all learn to ebb and flow just as the water below our boards!

I am so honored and excited to be joining the Limitless team and cannot wait to share the limitless possibilities that are at grasps when we allow ourselves to be open to change. Namaste!

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