Tips for a balanced lifestyle

May 2, 2014




Be mindful. Mindful of your daily thoughts. If you consistently repeat thoughts that are negative towards yourself, you will continue to feel negative about yourself. For instance, saying " I'm unhealthy & I always get sick." Well, believe it or not but you are telling your mind you are unhealthy and you always get sick so you in your mind you are unhealthy and that is why you always get sick. Life is a mind game and the power is controlling it. We have to change our daily thoughts in order to change our daily habits. Try this in small quanties and then build up to larger, more powerful thoughts. Lay down in the evening and think about how delicious that smoothie with those fresh organic strawberries are going to be. Then when you awake your intention is already set on making that strawberrie smoothie, following through is the key. Can you stick to what you tell yourself? Sure. But do we sometimes give in to wanting that cinnamon bun? Absolutely. Guess what the key is here? Balance. If you give in one day to that cinnamon bun allow yourself to enjoy it but then give thanks to your body and give it some natural cleansing properties so it breaks down and is removed out of your body properly. We can all enjoy life, but don't forget to take good care of what is carrying you through it.







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