Sunday's are for manifesting

November 16, 2015


I went through a traumatizing experience that not many can understand and won't be able to, yet, and that's ok. I'm writing a book to explain my life if you've been following it long enough. I feel judgement & assumption are placed on me and by all means, that is your choice in life and your perception on me. But one thing I will do is fight for the truth to be told for my Children's sake. My cubs. They have to understand, they have to realize how hard I fought and what the pain was doing to me. One day they will, but I had to begin manifesting how. How am I going to survive this long enough so that my children know the truth?
I picked a day, Sunday to be exact. I dedicate every waking minute manifesting my life, attracting frequencies as tools to get to where I need to be to make everything my heart desires come to life and it's working. I found peace with my situation and I survived one of the darkest journey's I have yet to take in my life but I am almost certain it won't be my last. With great love comes great pain, and I feel them both so deep they consume my soul. Life will continue to challenge me but I am manifesting tools to survive with the choice to be happy while I am here. We all deserve to be happy. You deserve to live your life to the absolute fullest down to the deepest darkest desires that reside within you. So I ask you this; choose a day and devote it entirely to you. Bask in your imagination and say aloud all that makes you happy and who you are. WHO YOU ARE ON THE INSIDE. Write down the words and feelings that come out and don't hold back. You are a divine inner light connected through your soul in your body and you are meant for great things. Manifest, believe, receive.





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