The day I became a Sponsored Athlete

May 13, 2016

 It was just one of those life changing days when you wake up and you sense the two directions this day could travel. The one you hope for & the one that happens. Sometimes the one we hope for doesn't happen and we are immediately saddened by this, filled with an emotion we wish wasn't there. It's just like walking into a space expecting something and it's nowhere to be found. A let down. A sort of sense of defeat and discouragement. But the beauty in this process is you are discovering what is meant to be yours within your heart and what is not. That space was not yours to occupy and that is why the power that belongs to you is not in there. It is elsewhere and you must continue searching. Never give up and push even harder when you feel that sense of discouragement. Believe it or not but pain is powerful. It can catapult you into a darkness that will consume your soul and the guilt of our ego could eventually lead to us choosing to remove ourselves from this life.


You could take that pain, that power. That is driving you absolutely mad and taking everything you've ever had and pushing everyone you've ever loved away and you could find yourself in it. You don't know who you are, what worth you truly have within yourself until that is all you have left. I lost everything battling a darkness that invaded my body and scarred my soul but it was all a test. A lesson. Do I really love myself enough to stay? Can I truly manifest and bring my life back together again? Is my belief pure enough and is my love strong enough to reach across thousands of miles? Can I do this?

The answer is Yes.

I did it. I fought for what I believed in and envisioned even though no one else could see it, I did. I sensed it and I treasure moments and their power and this day was a big one. From the minute I sat down in that coffee shop I sensed the energy that I was exactly where I was meant to be. That I earned it. I earned my power of believing in myself without anyone but this body and my soul.

Then the words entered my space....


"Beginning June 2016 you are a Sponsored SUP ATX Athlete and will be receiving your own fleet of boards."


My heart dropped and tears filled my eyes. The devotion I have to my practice, to the water, to my board Shanti and to all of the people who have mentored me all up until this point...this is it. The true beginning of Limitless Yogi Soul and the support from all of you is what brought my vision to life.


July 2014 First time taking my practice out on the water

July 2015 Won a SUP ATX Paddle Board for their 4th of July giveaway

August 2015 Broke a world record for largest yoga class on water

August 2015 to May 2016 Ran the SUP ATX Yoga program

June 2016 Official sponsored athlete of SUP ATX & received my own fleet of boards

Rebranded into Limitless SUP Yoga


And that is how it happened. All the moments, all the passion, all the devotion and dedication was worth it and it took two years of pure never giving up devotion. Loosing everything I've had only to fighting my way back to it again and this is only beginning.


My plan is to travel and bring Limitless SUP Yoga to many different cities and eventually states. Where ever there is a soul seeking an opportunity to give a moment back to themselves, I want to be there. I want to guide you. I want to show you just how powerful you truly are and I have finally grounded my feet but my head is well in the clouds visioning all of the possibilities.

We are all Limitless and my dharma is to guide you into believing in not only the power of the word, but the power that reside within you.


You may only see your body but I what I see is your soul. Come back to the place that matters more than anything else in this world, to yourself and find what you've been missing all along which is the love within.


Love & Light~









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