July 1, 2019




It took me awhile but after I surrendered to the sweet relief of caring what others think of me, I let go of my all too human instinct of judging others. This truth allowed me to fully accept myself and everyone else. These discoveries also led me to Limitless SUP Yoga  and the realization my journey begins HERE and NOW. 

You see, I recently returned  to what I consider my home  in Austin, Texas after living in Europe for 15 months. I vowed  all future steps in work and play would be forward moving. My walk began by completing  the SUP yoga teacher training last month under the fabulous tutelage of Courtney and returning as a teacher at Brightside Eco School where my friend and mentor, Sunny is owner and director. I am blessed and forever grateful to these women who have generously supported me. 

I have to back up now and share  how Limitless yoga has played a major role in WHO I am today. After my first practice with my beautiful Austin babe, Zuzu Perkal at City Surf,  I joined Courtney and her other Limitless students on Lake Travis. She took me to Los Angeles for an extraordinary experience with  Liz Arch from Under Armor. And then I carried my Limitless love of yoga to practices in the public parks of Prague. 

These moments accompanied me to WHERE I am today; in Austin, a teacher for Limitless. I am overwhelmed with my newfound capabilities of being the best version of myself. It all leads back full circle to relinquishing life’s lessons not within my control. I often wish I had done this sooner but I think forgiveness of one’s self is part of discovering mindfulness and the road to self awareness.

Teaching for Limitless now, I am thankful for the opportunity to see myself from different angles. And I am happy to share my experiences and encourage others to explore the joys of  “leveling up”. It is the most incredible experience surrendering oneself to life’s HERE and NOW. On the board or off, I hope you join me on this journey.

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